Free Christmas cards

Free Christmas cards

Get five greeting cards totally free.

Good Samaritans Missions Services is a Christian Humanitarian Organization that began in 1977. They currently have three ministries. They provide bears to sick children, funds for families that have children with medical and transportation needs, and free greeting cards to anyone that wants them. Right now you can get five free greeting cards to use this Christmas.

Head to Good Smaritans website where you can fill out the form to get the greeting cards. There is a picture at the top that shows you which cards you will be getting. Below the picture you must enter your first name, last name, e-mail address, mailing address, the date and time. The date and time was already filled out for me, so I'm guessing it will be for you as well. Click “Submit Info” when you are all finished.

I did have a little problem when I tried to submit my info. It said I had too much information in the fields. You can email if this happens to you, but I was able to fix it by abbreviating my city. I'm sure not all cities can be abbreviated though.

Although you can get the scripture Christmas greeting cards completely free with free envelopes and free shipping, there is a donate button on the left-hand side of the page. The organization relies on donations to continue on with its ministry, so if you find that you really enjoy the cards and want to make it possible for the program to continue so that other people can get the cards, you may want to consider making a donation.