Free Redbox game rental

Free Redbox game rental

As simple as using your cell.

I love Redbox because it is not only convenient, but also extremely affordable. The only thing cheaper than Redbox is renting videos from your local library. Redbox charges $1 per day for movie and game rentals. Game systems supported by Redbox include the Wii, PS3 and the Xbox.

Currently, Redbox is honoring a code that will allow you one free game rental anytime between now and the end of the year. All you have to do to get the free game rental is use your cell phone to text the code RENT to 727272.

Redbox will then return you a text that will contain a code you can use at any Redbox location to get the game free. You may even want to sign up for the Redbox Text Club to get even more freebies down the road. I have to pay extra for the texts I send, so I don't use this method, but it works great for individuals who have texts included in their cell phone plan.

It also pays to sign up for Redbox e-mails. The first time I did this I got a code for a free movie rental. I've gotten lots of other great deals since then. Just don't forget to confirm your e-mail after you sign up.

If you aren't sure where the nearest Redbox is, use the “Locations” tab on the Redbox homepage. They are commonly placed in busy supermarkets. We have them at both Acme and ShopRite. It is easy for me to grab a DVD at the end of my grocery trip. I love this because companies like Netflix don't have current movies, but Redbox does.