Walmart leaks Black Friday ad

Walmart leaks Black Friday ad

Save big on Christmas gifts

I just found out that Walmart officially leaked their Black Friday ad. I was surprised to discover that they are actually opening at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving night! Maybe this is a strategy to reduce the amount of crowds that gather at 4 and 5 in the morning.

Black Friday usually produces a few big sales that you just don't want to miss out on. To view Walmart's Black Friday ad all you need to do is head to their homepage. Next, scroll down and look to the left of your screen. You'll see a block that says “Black Friday ad is here.”

Click on that block and it will take you to the Black Friday ad. This ad is 45 pages long so be prepared with a notepad and a pencil so you can jot down the products you want to pick-up. Don't wait until the day of the sale to go through the flyer.

You'll find such deals as an iPad 2 for $399 (I paid almost $200 more for mine). You can also see an HP Laptop for $279, an Xbox 360 Skylanders Bundle for $149, a Nintendo DSi XL for $99, DVDs for $1.96, kids pajamas for $4, and a hand mixer, mini-chopper and a mini crock pot for $3.88.

I suggest making your list for each store as the flyers come out. Then plan on which stores you'll attack and in what order. The order may be based on location, or time of sale. This will help to make your experience a more pleasant one. I know the crowds can be a bit crazy at times. Don't forget to be polite and don't trample anyone. Life is more important than getting a good deal!