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Free Dog Cupcakes

Do you want to spoil your dog? Of course you do! Now is your chance. The company Pink Dog recently gave away free dog biscuits. Customers were appreciative, but let the company know they really wanted a set of free cupcakes. Pink Dog listened and is now accepting requests for two free cupcakes baked just with your dog in mind.

In order to get the free dog cupcakes, you'll have to head to Pink Dog's promotional trial form. The form requires you to fill out your first name, last name, mailing address, and e-mail address in the correct boxes. After that you can optionally add the name of your dog (or dogs), age, and what breed your dog is. When you have all of the information entered, click the button that says, “Request Free Sample.” The Pink Dog says to watch your mailbox after two weeks has passed. You should definitely receive the cupcakes before four weeks has passed.

Both residents of the United States and Canada are welcome to request free cupcakes, so long as the requester is 18 years of age or older.

While you are on the Pink Dog website, you'll want to check out their inventory. They currently sell a wide variety of biscuits and cupcakes. Flavors include bacon, liver, chicken, and carrot in the biscuits. Available cupcake flavors are strawberry yogurt, peanut butter carob, caramel cheesecake and blueberry. If your dog isn't picky, you may want to get either the mixed box of biscuits or the mixed box of cupcakes. Better yet, buy both. You'll be able to see which flavors your dog likes best for future orders.