Free mustaches

Free mustaches

Simply pay with a Tweet or a Facebook share.

Looking for a fun gift to put in your child's stocking this Christmas? How about a mustache? HoboNinja is giving away free mustaches to anyone that asks for it. All they ask is that you pay for the mustache by Tweeting about the company, or sharing the offer with your Facebook friends. That's easy enough. The offer also includes free shipping.

Click on the Twitter/Facebook button on the free mustache offer page, and follow the prompts to post a Tweet or a post about the mustache giveaway. I chose to tweet about the giveaway. They already had the form filled out, so I left it as is and just posted it. You can change the message though if you are not comfortable with it. Next, click “Get it Now.”

You will receive a code with a link below it on the screen that pops up. Click on the link and then click the button that says “Add to Cart.” It is under the picture of the mustache. You'll see a spot where you can add the code. Type it in and click “Apply Code.” This will allow you to get the mustache free with free shipping. Click “Update Total” to finish up.

Get the free mustaches off to your mailbox by filling out your name and shipping address in the appropriate boxes. If you are a new customer, you'll be asked to create a user name and password. Click the blue “Finish my Order and Send my Stuff” button. That's it. The mustaches will be sent shortly.