Get a free calender starring you

Get a free calender starring you

Elf Yourself into the new year!

OfficeMax has teamed up with Elf Yourself to offer you a free calendar. This freebie is so much fun that I couldn't wait to share it with it. I used to have a subscription to Jib Jab because I thought the videos were so funny. Now I just stick with the free videos.

You can make a free video and request your free calendar in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is go to the OfficeMax Elf Yourself page and click “Upload Photo.” Next, you'll need to check the box that reads “I agree to the terms and conditions.” If you want to know what the terms and conditions are, you can just click on the words “terms and conditions” and they will come up.

The fun part comes next. Upload a picture of yourself from either your computer, Facebook or using your webcam. You can upload up to five pictures for five different elves. I used pictures of my kids and my nieces. I knew they would get a kick out of the video. With each picture you upload, you'll have the ability to rotate the picture or zoom in so that you can get your picture to fit inside the elf face.

After you have uploaded all of the pictures you want to use click “Let's Dance!” Your Elf Yourself video will begin to play. Sit back and have a good time watching it.
You can immediately share your video for free on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail after you have finished watching it. If you want the free calendar, click the red “Free Calendar” button at the top right-hand side of the screen. You will get a code like this “272225” that you must print out and take with you to your local OfficeMax. An OfficeMax associate will help you get your free calendar.