Free NeilMed Neti Pot

Free NeilMed Neti Pot

Get a free neti pot and two sinus rinse packets just by asking.

I have had problems with my sinuses ever since I broke my nose 14 years ago. One thing that really helps is to use a neti pot and keep the sinus cavities cleaned out. This is a great tool for allergy sufferers as well. Right now Neilmed Nasaflo Neti Pot is giving away one free neti pot and two sinus packets to everyone who becomes their Facebook fan. You can only request one free neti pot for each mailing address, and they are very strict about this rule so don't try to cheat them.

Head to the Neilmed Nasaflo Neti Pot Facebook page and click the “Like” button. Next, you'll need to either pick the “Click here if you are a user of Neilmed Nasaflo Neti Pot” or the “Click here if you use other saline rinse” button.

Now you need to fill out the information boxes. They request your full name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number (without dashes), country, and physician information. If you don't have a physician, or you just don't want to share his information, simply type “NA” in the boxes. When you are all done, click “Continue.”

There is a 15-question survey that you will be required to fill out next. It only took me a minute to complete. At the end of the page is an image you must copy to make sure you are not a robot. Click the “Submit” button after you have typed in the same letters or numbers that are in the image box.

The final step is watching a two minute and 46 second video. It shows you exactly how the neti pot works. When you click “Done” after the video is over, you will be informed that your neti pot with two sinus packets will be on their way within 30 days.